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What’s covered under our Gas Safety CP12 plan?

Gas Safety Check

Our gas safety inspection plan covers all of your routine gas checks to protect your home from gas leaks. A typical gas check includes:

  • Up to three appliances are included (please contact us if you have more appliances)
  • Gas tightness check
  • Flue gas analysis on boiler if required
  • Working pressure checks on appliances if required
  • Checking burner pressure and gas rate are compliant with manufacturers data badge
  • Checking the flue and ventilation are compliant with Gas Safety Regulation
  • Investigating evidence of unsafe situations or operation, and reporting to the responsible person
  • Testing the flue performance to ensure removal of products of combustion
  • Checking all safety devices

Boiler Service

Your annual boiler service will be completed with the gas safety check and includes:

  • A visual check over of the boiler
  • Safely identifying any working faults
  • An analysis of the flue gas
  • Opening and checking the boiler if required
  • Checking the flue and ventilation are compliant with Gas Safety Regulations
  • A check of the system pressure, and adjustments if needed
  • Cleaning the condensate trap
  • Checking and bleeding the radiators, if needed
  • Checking the hot water cylinder
  • Written confirmation that the service has been completed

Gas Safety Inspection Plan

£8.00 / month