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Making sure that you stay safe inside your household is highly important. What you really need is an effective decision-making thought process. This is highly essential because even inside your house, there are various factors that need your utmost care and attention. One of which is the most important heating appliance, boiler. Keeping your home warm during winters comes with a price; being super careful regarding maintenance and repair. In order to achieve this, you need an efficient service plan for boiler from Mr Reactive!


At Mr Reactive we believe that you need continuous maintenance checks, however, what you need even more is complete guidance. We are a company with extensive experience and background in providing these services. To make sure that you do not miss out on this, you need to go through the following perfect advantages of our service plan:

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Leaks

The most important and potentially dangerous thing about your boiler could be the carbon monoxide leaks. At Mr Reactive, we aim to keep you completely safe. For this reason, we ensure that there are no gas leaks of any sorts. The best part of hiring us is that we are gas safe registered and are authorised to provide these services in any area!

Pressure Control

Working with gas appliances can be crucial which is why the pressure of gas should never go unnoticed. Our efficient gas engineers will make sure to check that the pressure is under control and in case of any fluctuations, they will fix the issue right away. The whole point of our service plan is to carry out a detailed inspection in order to ensure the functionality of your boiler.

Spare Parts Inspection

It is often misunderstood that spare parts can be ignored. However, we at Mr Reactive never leave any job undone. This is why our engineers check the spare parts and ensure that there are no faults or damages in it.

Safety Check and Test Run

Even with everything under detailed inspection, we always go for a safety check and prefer test run in order to confirm efficient working.

Effective Pipework Assurance

Boiler pipes are all over your place and even having boiler pipe cover can sometimes not ensure complete safety. So we make sure that within the other inspections, we check the pipework. Crystallization can sometimes occur inside pipes and can cause major blockages. We will make sure that none of that happens!

Connection Check

Electricity paired with gas, if not handled right, can cause serious damages. With us by your side, you have got nothing to worry about! Our engineers will make sure that we completely check the connections of the whole boiler system. This will not only keep you safe from potential damages but will also save money!

Fixing Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion affect the performance of your boiler the most. This is why we at Mr Reactive will ensure that nothing of the sort occurs. Moreover, our focus is on providing you with efficient fixation which is why we tap every little part of the process.

Cleanliness Assurance

Lastly, it is highly important to ensure the cleanliness of the appliance. In case of boiler, our team will carry out a deep clean check to make sure that everything keeps working efficiently.

Are you looking for a service plan for the boiler? Hire Mr Reactive now. We are waiting for you!