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Having to deal with difficult situations is a part of life and it is okay. Something that is not okay is to settle for it and not doing anything about it. Being a homeowner is a big responsibility because it comes with a lot of repercussions of its own. However, the thing is that with every problem, comes a solution. Here for you, Mr Reactive is the perfect solution for every kind of emergency. We offer an efficient homeowner emergency cover to all our customers. So if you are wondering what to do when anything goes wrong, just reach out to us and we will take care of it!


A lot of people tend to confuse insurance policies and the major difference lies in the number and type of services provided in every package. At Mr Reactive, we offer all different kinds of services related to plumbing, boiler breakdowns, central heating systems and much more. These repairs and maintenance services vary with the service requests by the customers. The amazing part is that for every kind of service, we have a package available for you. It helps you not only conveniently select the services but also makes you understand everything from the price point. Most importantly, here at Mr Reactive, all the services are easily accessible and affordable for our customers.

Boiler Breakdown

First things first, being a homeowner means that you have to keep everything under continuous check. Keeping this in mind, we make all of it easier for you. Our homeowner emergency cover includes these once in a while boiler breakdowns that you might face. However, we suggest you to avail the package with routine maintenance so that it does not have to come down to a bigger issue.

Central Heating System Failure

The worst thing to happen in the winter season is the faulty central heating system. At Mr Reactive, our policy will cover this too. The whole point of providing these packages is to not only eliminate these issues but also prepare for any such situation. Our team will be at your service, in any kind of emergency situation no matter when you need us.

Water Heating Issues

Not having hot water to bathe or wash? Who wants that? Absolutely no one! With us by your side, such petty issues won’t happen or matter anymore. We are providing you with efficient services that help you get rid of these things once and for all. Majorly such hot water issues occur when your boiler is not working in some way. So this policy will cover for it too! We will make sure that when we leave after fixing everything that nothing of the sort happens again.

Plumbing Problems

Pipes can get blocked, rusted, or corroded when not checked for a long time. Most of the times, leakage issues also tend to disturb the whole system. Boiler breakdowns when paired up with such tragedies can often lead to uncontrollable emergencies. Worst case scenario, sometimes pipes can burst too. However, with Mr Reactive by your side, you do not have anything to worry about. You can rest assured that our policy will cover for every kind issue that comes your way. All you need to do is choose the package that suits your budgetary needs.

Electrical Connection Failure

Another thing that not a lot of people know is that if ignored for a long time, electrical connections of the boiler can also occur. To keep yourself safe from such situations, you need to get our homeowner emergency cover. This will benefit you whenever any incident occurs because our crew will be there to fix it on time!

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