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The worst thing is when your household appliances start to run from their designated responsibilities. It just does not make sense when issues occur because it is understandable how you cannot handle certain technical failures. For this very reason, you need a trustworthy company to rely on. Well, the good thing is that we are right here for you! We provide emergency boiler care services so that you do not have to go through the pain of stressing out. At Mr Reactive, our only aim is to make sure that every problem gets solved on time as per your requirements!


There are going to be many things that do not really matter for you because they seem normal. However, you need to know that professionals and experts come from a place of experience which gives them plenty of advantages. The knowledge and expertise when combined together become the biggest edge. At Mr Reactive, we have the combination of everything great which is why we want you to never go through such troubling situations.

Poor or No Heating

The only requirement of a chilly season is having hot water and a well-insulated environment. For this very reason, you need to have a quality heating system. When you spot the issue that your boiler is not giving you the desired temperature no matter what you do, then you definitely need emergency boiler care from Mr Reactive! We have certified engineers who specialize in fixing such issues efficiently.


Another dangerous situation is dealing with any kind of leakage; gas or water. Whatever the issue is, never tolerate any kind of leakage. No matter how normal or minute the problem looks like, it is always good to seek professional advice. With that being said, Mr Reactive is here to assist you in every way or manner you want!

Faults in Pipework

Most of the times, people think that faults in the pipework are always related to leakage. However, this is not the case because corrosion or bursting can also occur in worst issues. This kind of boiler breakdown occurs in the worst-case scenarios which is why you need to have a backup ready. By that we mean, us! Mr Reactive is here to make sure that such emergencies are catered in the most efficient manner.


There are many things that can aid in building the success story, however, for us, it has always been you. Our customers are our motivators and teachers, all in one. We provide exactly what you need and that is our speciality.

On-time and Efficient

One thing that helps you get through emergencies is the right timing. At Mr Reactive, we never delay any service request, at any time of the day or night. No matter what your issue is, we will efficiently fix it.


Most importantly, your budget matters to us. To make things easier and accessible, we have made sure to offer cost-effective packages of all types. Our policies and packages are flexible and really depend on what every customer needs.

Proficient Crew of Gas Safe Engineers

Lastly, nothing can happen without a great crew. Well, our team is our backbone and your biggest supporter! All our engineers specialize in solving different kinds of problems. This is the reason why we make sure that the team is fully equipped with the advanced itinerary. It helps us deal with emergencies in a better way.

So now whenever you face any emergency related to boiler breakdowns, remember to reach out to Mr Reactive. We provide emergency boiler care of its own kind! Hire us now!